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cocktail recipe

Norvegian Spring

A cocktail with BRUSSELS aquavit, that will shine like a Northen lite. 

4 cl of BRUSSELS aquavit
1,5 cl of water

4 gr of sugar
1,5 cl  Fresh Lime Juice (jus de citron/citroensap)
2 Fresh Cucumber Slices (tranches de concombre/ plakje komkommer)

Muddle strawberries, simple syrup and either mint or basil. Add vodka and lemon, shake with ice. Strain over fresh ice in a tall glass,a nd top with soda. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Swedish Mary

A classic bloody mary but with BRUSSELS aquavit!

Who would have tought ...

4 cl of BRUSSELS Aquavit


with the bloody mary mix : 

12cl of tomato juice

0,5cl fresh lemon juice (citron/citroen)

0,5cl of fresh lime juice (citron vert/ limoen)

0,5cl of Worcestershire saus

2 drops (gouttes/druppels) of Tabasco

a pinch of celeri salt (sel/zout)

a pinch of black pepper (poivre/peper)

Add the BRUSSELS aquavit and bloody mary mix together with a few ice cubes (glaçons/ijs)

and enjoy...

The Midnight Sun

A very rare cocktail from the late 19th century revived with a BRUSSELS spirit.


4 cl of BRUSSELS aquavit

1,5 cl of grapefruit juice (pamplemousse/pompelmoes)

1,5 cl of fresh lemon juice (citron/citroen)

1 cl of water

4 gr of sugar

0,5 cl of real grenadine

Mix all the ingredients, add ice and put a orange slice (zeste/schijfje) for decoration. 

Congratulation, you are now one of the  few to enjoy this cocktail, since the late 1800. 

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