Inspired by The Urban Spirit

Our products are:

ARTISAN, with quality first at all cost.

AUTHENTIC, as small handcrafted batches

AUDACIOUS, in the spirits we craft

And respectful of the environement as being part of the circular enconomy. 


What make the brussels distillery spirits so special ? 
Is it the special vacuum distillation technique ? 
Is it the organic (bio) ingredients ? 
Is it our historical 20th century building ? 


Although no-one knows for sure, we think it is the mindset. To be ready to do whatever is needed on our journey to the perfect spirit.

Here you can find all the spirits, unaged, aged, seasonal & experimental. They are a tribute to the people who move the lines, the pioneers, the innovators, the crafters.


A vodka that was tested more times than the number of pages in a book. After years of perseverence, we found that the best way to filter a vodka for a very smooth finish was on oak. Giving a very pleasant vanilla aftertaste. 


A drink that is more than 500 years old, yet never distilled in Brussels. It is an ode to the sailers and pioneers of the north who travelled with this drink through the icy waters and never gave up. Distilled with kummel (cumin/komijn), coriander, dill (aneth/dille)) and juniper berries (baies de génévrier/jenever bessen)


Patience, small batches of BRUSSELS whiskey, rhum etc are aging...

Suscribe to be informed of their release.


A gin made with juniper berries, orange, coriander and a secret spice giving it pleasant and wonderfull tropical notes. 

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